We’ve streamlined the biotech prescription process.

Phyz Healthcare Solutions is a digital health company powered by our Prescription Triage Network™. Phyz improves specialty brand access by better supporting Patients and Prescribers with event triggered interventions throughout the Rx lifecycle.

Our Value Spans all areas of the prescription Journey While Solving Complex Industry Challenges

Phyz Healthcare Solutions partners with Specialty Pharmacies to support technology and operational transformation. Collaborative portal technology and prescription management services enable Specialty Pharmacy partners to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve margins, and better serve Patients and Prescribers.

Phyz Healthcare Solutions provides visibility into patient prescriptions and prescription lifecycle data across all Specialty Pharmacies. Prescribers can monitor the status of all their Patients' prescriptions. Brands can monitor all of their brand prescriptions (without PHI) to identify and address any obstacles that cause switch, abandonment, or slow patient speed to therapy.

Phyz Healthcare Solutions provides brands with a superior hub solution that operates inside a Prescriber's workflow, allows Prescribers to e-prescribe from any EMR system and allows each brand to define the optimal patient management protocol to connect prescribed patients to patient support services. The resulting patient care continuum better supports patients and Prescribers, accelerates patient time to therapy and dramatically reduces abandonment rate. 

Collaborative WEB-BASED PLATFORM for Prescribers, Specialty Pharmacies, and brand partners with Brand Visibility across the Rx Lifecycle

  • Single Prescriber Portal for all Brands, Specialties, Specialty Pharmacies
  • Specialty Pharmacy Portal improves communication between the Specialty Pharmacy & Prescriber, promoting collaboration
  • Our platform optimizes the process for Prescribers and Specialty Pharmacies
  • Our PhyzData vault enables real-time insights into Prescriber behaviors, brand performance, payer analytics
  • Real-time visibility of patient's Rx journey
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