Superior Script Management

Enables a two way collaborative Specialty Pharmacy/Prescriber portal technology

Phyz ensures operational excellence during the Benefit Investigation, Prior Authorization, Appeals Management, etc to ensure patient focus is priority

Data/Analytics to track and monitor the prescription journey

Customer Portals


  • Manage all patients and prescriptions in single web-based platform
  • Easy to use portal and process for managing across all drugs, payers, and SPs
  • Web-based interactions between Prescriber, Phyz, and SPs reduces labor (fewer faxes, phones calls, etc.)
  • Full transparency to each step in Rx journey (BI detail, PA Status, Payer response, SP performance, and patient interactions)

Biopharm Brands

  • Real-time view of drug prescribing, payer response, prescriber habits, and specialty pharmacy performance
  • Competitive performance and trends
  • Visibility into prescriber reactions to payer responses
  • Drill down capability to transactional level
  • Ability to filter data by date, prescriber, prescriber group, specialty, payer, pharmacy, and geography by day/week/month

Specialty Pharmacies

  • The PhyzSP web portal enables real-time transparency to assigned prescriptions for Specialty Pharmacies
  • Collaborate with Prescribers and Phyz in real-time; provides audit trail and avoids lengthy phone calls
  • Accept, decline, or reassign specific prescriptions, add Rx notes, run test claims, etc.
  • Visibility to Rx, patient info including payer information, and associated documents
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